Dwayne Johnson’s superpowers are going to be delivered to life with brand-new technology for Black Adam. together of the most important movie stars within the world, fans have waited for much longer than expected to ascertain Johnson play the DC anti-hero. The wait will finally end in 2022 when Black Adam hits theaters during the summer, and therefore the Rock has repeatedly teased that his introduction to the DC Extended Universe will change the shared universe’s hierarchy of power.

Filming on Black Adam recently came to an in depth with Johnson sharing a video of his wrap speech to the cast and crew who spent months performing on the movie during the COVID-19 pandemic. Surprisingly, the assembly came and went with none unwanted leaks or set photos. the sole Black Adam teases fans have had in recent months have come directly from Johnson, including glimpses of the film’s massive scale and destruction, also as Black Adam’s costume. Many are anxious to urge a correct check out the film and Johnson’s combat the powerful DC anti-hero.

During a recent interview with Collider, president of Seven Bucks Productions Hiram Garcia talked about what fans can expect to ascertain in Black Adam. He teased that Black Adam’s powers are going to be on full display throughout the movie which they’ll look unlike anything fans have seen before. Garcia revealed that Black Adam is using new technology to bring Johnson’s superpowers, especially his flying, to the screen.

While Garcia doesn’t get into the specifics of Black Adam’s technology, Johnson has teased the film’s leading edge approach recently. He shared a photograph of him getting tracking dots placed on him so VFX teams can track his muscle fibers during an action scene. Johnson later elaborated on the technology by sharing that the cameras Black Adam is using can shoot him at 960 frames per second, far above the standard 24 fps movies use. How this all translates into Black Adam’s powers looking unlike anything fans have seen before remains to be seen.

Of course, the unique look that Black Adam’s flying powers will have might be short-lived. there’s no shortage of aerial heroes at now within the DCEU and superhero movie genre at large. If Black Adam’s technology is revolutionary, it won’t be surprising to ascertain other studios and films attempt to adopt the techniques for themselves. it’ll even be fascinating to ascertain if the movie uses this technology for any of the Justice Society of America superheroes slated to seem . Hopefully fans will get their first check out Johnson’s incredible superpowers during Black Adama’s first trailer with this much hype for the technology the movie is using.

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