Matrix 4: Release Date, New Characters, Plot – What we Know

The fourth film in the “The Matrix” series was released by Warner Bros. on August 20, 2019. If last year’s global health crisis hadn’t stopped life around the world, the movie should have been released on May 21, 2021; you may be reading a review or article with a “final statement.”

However, we must now wait until December 22, 2021 to see the latest issue, so we have more time to read these articles, but let’s take a few minutes to review what we currently know. The forthcoming fourth part of the popular franchise. Please note that readers who are not familiar with the Matrix movie world may encounter spoilers from previous movies and other mixed media related to the franchise. However, this will be different when discussing Matrix 4.

The new Matrix movie began to gain attention in 2012, when it was suggested that Wachowski had ideas for the other two Matrix movies, and they even approached Keanu Reeves as his iconic role Neo. Can breed.Another rumor that was later refuted in 2014 was that Warner Bros. had interpreted the new trilogy. In 2015, in an interview to promote the Wachowski sisters’ film “Jupiter Ascends”, Lily Wachowski described the possibility of returning to the world. Matrix is ​​”a particularly disgusting idea these days”.

This has to do with popular and ongoing research on the preference for green light prequels or sequels, and of course with the seemingly common and often ill-considered culture of “relaunching” the franchise to reintroduce old concepts to new and young audiences. related. That is a completely different article. A few years later, in 2017, the Hollywood Reporter told the Hollywood Reporter that Warner Bros. was indeed relaunching what appeared to be the Zak Penn Matrix franchise (its subtitles were related to Man in Black, X2, and Ready Player (on his behalf) and researched The staff discussed the possibility of writing a cure. It is said that Michael B. Jordan of “Creed” and “Black Panther” played the leading role in the project.

Payne quickly appeased worried fans. The new Matrix movie will be a A brand new start or remake. In fact, rumors that spread faster in 2017 indicate that the movie starring Jordan may be a prequel to the young Murphys starring Jordan, a character famous by actor Lawrence Fishburne, Or it could be a movie Made in Morpheus playing himself (more information about him may be important later).In March 2018, Penn confirmed that he was indeed involved in the future Matrix project, and even humbly proposed the possibility of creating a shared universe in the style of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (again, other currently popular studio toys must wait). Article about the future).

Who is Directing Matrix 4

Payne said in October 2019 that he was producing one of two new Matrix projects for Warner Bros., but when his own project and the planned movie were a separate entity, he made some comments on previous comments. clarify. After years of speculation, the new Matrix project was officially announced. The project will be announced on August 20, 2019. Lana Wachowski and David Mitchell (the Wachowski sisters filmed them Cloud Atlas of novels) and Alexander’s script. Hemon (Lazarus Project) Who runs Matrix 4? Unlike the previous filming of the Wachowski sisters in the “The Matrix” series, this may also be the case with this still unknown film; don’t worry) only Lana Wachowski will be filmed.

As she continues to work on the ongoing work of Showtime, Lily will not sit in the director’s chair with her sister. Absolute blessing, even if they make their story “better than the original”. The shooting was officially started in San Francisco on February 4, 2020 under the mysterious code name “Ice Cream Project”. Chicago and Babelsberg studios in Germany.Apparently, Matrix 4 only spent $420,000 on eyebrows (or “oh” Keanu) in a shot in San Francisco.

The SFGATE article reported that Adob​​e Pictures reported that the money had been paid to the California Police Department. San Francisco, thank them for the service they provided during the filming of this location, so as to prevent the audience from accidentally participating in the filming process. Considering today’s heavy budget, $420,000 may not be a pious amount.

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